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Long periods of isolation are harmful to the psyche

A tired mind distorts the perception of reality

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Name:ɹǝbpoן ǝɥʇ
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"Voices in my head? I'm not listening.
Did I glimpse something moving in the corner? I'm not looking."

The Lodger is the unnamed protagonist of the Russian horror game Knock-Knock. He is, for the most part, clinically insane. He is an insomniac and suffers hallucinations. He cannot discern what is real and what is a hallucination. He hears things, sees things, etc, mostly monstrous entities and disembodied voices. Though he rambles and has no idea how to hold social interaction, he is harmless for the most part and lives in a constant state of panic. The horrific things that haunt him are partly symbolic of his desire to forget painful memories. His refusal to face what is real and confront the past loss of his son contribute significantly to his rapidly declining mental state.

"I don't want to remember. It's so repetitive anyway. My state of mind suits me just fine - the way it is now"

WARNING: though the Lodger appears underage in most artwork due to the style, he is NOT a child. He's old enough to have fathered a son. He is typically drawn to look much younger than he is because of the stylistic choices of the game. I repeat again. HE IS NOT A CHILD. He is at LEAST mid-20s.
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